Foreign without China?


Hi Randy, I am interested in the Global Navigator XL strategy, however, having grown up in China I do not want to invest in China because there is a lot of corporate fraud and I don’t believe what the companies report, is there a way to avoid China when the strategy goes to foreign markets?

Triad on Amibroker



I am very excited about your Triad approach for beating a 60/40 strategy for parking otherwise uninvested capital.  Thank you for presenting this to the AAII CIMI group earlier this month.

I am interested in implementing this using Amibroker.  I don't suppose that anyone has attempted this yet in Amibroker, but if you know of someone doing this, I'd appreciate it if you could put me in contact with them.  In the meantime, I'm trying to implement it myself.  Do you have a description or presentation deck, beyond the one you presented to us in your DMS Srategies 2021 April presentation?

Questions about strategies


Hi randyharris,

I came across your work on DM strategies and i'd like to thank you for sharing that. I have a few questions:
  1. How are you deciding the strategy for June 2021 when May 2021 isn't over? Your strategies rebalance every month(if theres a need) so shouldn't you take into account May's contribution and decide the strategy at the last min of the last trading day in each month?

Could there be underperformance?


"I respect your work and Triad is certainly exceptional. All of your strategies are well crafted.

Do you see anything in the future that could turn some of the strategies underperforming from the past? When I decide that I have found an optimum mix of strategies then I find something new and that forces me to rethink. I am inherently slow in making decisions and making portfolio changes, and then picking another strategy brings another dimension.
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