I want to thank you for presenting at the AAII Computerized Investing meeting in March. My investment group has not stopped talking about it since you presented.
Bruce A
Again, great presentation at the AAII group today. You took dual momentum to another level. Could you please add me to the list to receive your monthly DMS reports? I appreciate it.
Bill W
It was a great talk on your strategy.
Jack X
Thank you for your excellent presentation. Very informative. I would appreciate being added to your monthly DMS reports. Thank you
I, like many others, enjoyed your talk last Thursday. I’m glad you like the Ulcer Index (UI)…it has been one of my favorites when I realized it is just the Root-mean-squared (RMS) of the drawdowns. RMS is a standard statistic used in engineering to measure accuracy.
Ren C
Thank you very much for presenting at the SI valley investor club. It was pretty impressive and thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Hi Randy, I really appreciated your presentation to the AAII Silicone Valley Chapter last week. This is the type of investment strategy I've been looking for! Thanks so much!
Bill L
I attended your presentation tonight at the AAII Silicon Valley CIMI group. It was an outstanding presentation and extremely useful. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Nick K
I saw your presentation to Don's Silicon Valley group on 3/4/21. Very Interesting! And for me - also very timely. Thanks so much for your time & effort on this.
Dr Dave
I very much appreciate your presentation and hard works that went behind it.